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Nov 19, 2019

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Rain on Your Wedding Day = Good Luck!

Aiken, South Carolina Wedding | They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, but most brides are still anxious and worried when rain is in the forecast on her special day, especially for an outdoor ceremony. But here’s the thing about Alex…she isn’t most brides. Alex and Brian were completely at ease and relaxed all day long even though the forecast said the rain should begin just about the same time as their ceremony. There were no nerves, no complaints, no sadness. In fact, it was just the opposite. Everyone was relaxed, focused on enjoying each moment of the day, and making every memory of their wedding day count.

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Getting Ready

Brian and his groomsmen played corn hole, watched some football, and practiced their putting skills while Alex and her bridesmaids enjoyed getting ready, listening to music, and making new memories during the morning hours.

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First Looks

Luckily, we were able to get lots of beautiful photos early in the day since Alex and Brian shared a sweet, romantic first look! The daddy & daughter first look brought lots of happy tears (my eyes may have leaked just a little, too).  Alex’s dad even had a special handkerchief that said, “Happy tears only” while he sported hand-made cufflinks with a picture of him and Alex and the words “I loved you first.” So very sweet!!!

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Group Portraits

These two will have an amazing marriage because you can just tell that nothing will ruffle their feathers. They smiled and laughed through the entire day, even when the skies started to get darker and the sprinkling started during the family photos. I know that their calm hearts and natural happiness will get them through any bumps in the road of marriage.

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The Ceremony

There was a break in the rain just in time for Alex and Brian’s ceremony to begin under the gorgeous giant shade trees at the Rye Patch. Just before the final prayer, the rains came and even the pastor reminded us all that sometimes married life brings rain showers, but the love these two share will get them through any storm that comes their way.

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The Reception

Following their special dances, Alex and Brian’s reception began with emotion-filled and hilarious toasts by her father and her precious sister, Victoria, who was her maid of honor. From listening to her dad and sister’s words, you could feel the incredible love this family shares for these two!  Brian’s best man, George, gave a toast as well and reminded the crowd in the most hilarious ways that Brian possesses all of the character traits necessary to make a great husband for Alex.

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Once the dancing started, a little rain didn’t stop this crowd from dancing the night away under the lights on the patio! It was a fun-filled, romantic night and the perfect ending to a beautiful wedding day.

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The Future

Alex and Brian will soon be moving to New Mexico where Brian will continue to bravely serve our country in the Air Force. I know I will miss a sweet friend in Alex since we taught together for several years, but I wish this couple a lifetime of love and happiness. May the rain on your wedding day bring you the BEST of luck throughout your marriage!!!

If you would like to see Alex & Brian’s gorgeous Columbia, South Carolina engagement session, just follow this link!

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