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Dec 26, 2019

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The Couple

Saluda, South Carolina Wedding |Ready for Jill and Cole’s sweet love story?

They met in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during the summer of 2015. She was on her high school graduation trip and he was on his college graduation trip. Their friend groups ended up hanging out quite a bit during the trip, and Jill and Cole formed an instant friendship. Jill had broken her foot and was on crutches during the entire cruise and Cole was there to sit and talk while all their friends danced the night away. He also carried her up the stairs when they all decided to take a trip to the top of the ship. After a few months of talking every couple of weeks, Jill and Cole went to Sweet Frog for ice cream on their first date. The rest is SWEET history!

Jill and Cole planned their wedding day at Tin Roof Farms in Saluda, South Carolina. This gorgeous venue provided the perfect place for a festive Christmas-themed celebration! Their families included so many thoughtful details that made the day so sweet and special. From arriving and departing in Jill’s great-grandfather’s fully restored Chevrolet half ton pick-up truck to including songs in the ceremony from both sets of parents’ weddings to toasting from heirloom wine glasses used in past family weddings, this occasion was filled with tradition and love. You can see some beautiful photos of these details as you scroll through the post!

Both the charming white chapel where the ceremony was held and the gorgeous reception venue were decorated with Christmas greenery, white lights, Christmas trees, and all the sparkle!!! Every detail was stunning and reflected the joyfulness of the season!

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Friends & Family

Jill and Cole exchanged gifts, spent time enjoying special moments and fun with their friends, and getting ready in the hours before the ceremony. Jill had a special first look with her father and with her bridesmaids. Her group of best friends were some of the most supportive, sweet girls I have ever seen at a wedding. You could genuinely FEEL the love and happiness they felt for Jill and Cole!

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The Ceremony

I had such a sweet conversation with the officiant about how special Jill was to him. During the ceremony, he even carried a crystal cross Jill had given him as a gift. He truly cares deeply about this couple, and he did an amazing job leading this simple, heartfelt ceremony joining Jill and Cole together forever. Both of them are such amazing examples of young, faith-filled people which I know will serve them well in the years of marriage to come!

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The Reception

What a party!! Jill and Cole’s reception was spectacular!! Hundreds of guests enjoyed food, fellowship, dancing, and fun! There was even a special guest appearance from Cocky!!! GO Gamecocks! The overwhelming love for this sweet couple was truly amazing! There is no doubt their family, friends, and community will be there for them in every way in their marriage. I wish that every couple could experience the kind of support that I know Jill and Cole felt on their day.

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I am so excited to watch this brand new husband and wife enjoy beginning their lives together and cannot wait to see what their future holds! Congratulations Jill and Cole! I love you both!

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The Creative Team
Photography | Jenna Grace Photography
Planner & Florist | John Gray Events
Venue | Tin Roof Farms
Hair Stylist | Candice Burgess
Makeup Artist | Courtney Smith @ Southern Charm Salon
Videographer | Fipps Filming
Dress | Winnie Couture
Bridesmaids Dresses | Jo-Lin’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Attire | Mens’ Wearhouse
Entertainment Services | Music by Calvin Henderson
Catering | Hudson’s Classic Catering
Cake | M&M Sweets

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