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Jan 4, 2020

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Welcome to 2020!

A new month, a new year, a new DECADE!!! Most likely just like yours, my 2019 was filled with precious memories and deep worries. But I rode that rollercoaster with my eyes wide open and my hands up in the air!

We adopted a new sweet three-legged rescue puppy named Sushi, but we lost our sweet Pepper to Addison’s disease.  We celebrated our sweet baby nephew turning one and found out that we will be welcoming another sweet nephew to the family, but also found out their Gigi, my precious sister, has to fight breast cancer.  My business has grown in ways I could not have imagined, and I have more blessings than I can possibly count.  But…I also struggle with doubt, worry, and anxiety from time to time. What if..? Can I…? Is this good enough…?  

One way I conquer my doubt and worry is to look back on the previous year and decide what I want to keep, and what I want to let go of (think Marie Kondo style).
Always, one of my favorite things to keep are the memories I made with my friends who often began as photography clients. So, what better way to celebrate the new year than to share my 2019 favorites with YOU!?!

I’ve divided these faves into two categories: Top Three Engagement Sessions and Favorite Wedding Moments.

I hope scrolling through these will bring you as much joy and as they spark in me! Happy New Year!!!!


Top Three Engagement Sessions

Jill & Cole

south carolina wedding_0317.jpg
south carolina wedding_0318.jpg

Kait & Stephen

south carolina wedding_0315.jpg
south carolina wedding_0316.jpg

Alex & Brian

south carolina wedding_0313.jpg
south carolina wedding_0314.jpg


Favorite Wedding Moments

Best ‘The Way He Looks at Her’ Shot

south carolina wedding_0295.jpg

Best Dress Swish

south carolina wedding_0299.jpg

Best Husband & Wife Portrait

south carolina wedding_0273.jpg

Best Ring Shot

south carolina wedding_0272.jpg

Best Giggle

south carolina wedding_0281.jpg

Best Rainy Wedding Day Portrait

south carolina wedding_0291.jpg

Best Back of the Dress Shot

south carolina wedding_0304.jpg

Best Cake

south carolina wedding_0294.jpg

Best Staircase Shot

south carolina wedding_0279.jpg

Best Best Friends Shot

south carolina wedding_0290.jpg

Best Eyelashes

south carolina wedding_0287.jpg

Best Front Porch Swing Shot

south carolina wedding_0296.jpg

Best Twirl

south carolina wedding_0312.jpg

Best Venue – Tin Roof Farms

south carolina wedding_0305.jpg
south carolina wedding_0306.jpg

Best Sun Flare

south carolina wedding_0297.jpg

Best Alpaca!!! (WHAT?!?!?!)

south carolina wedding_0280.jpg

Best Head Piece Detail

south carolina wedding_0278.jpg

Best Puppy Dogs!!!! (I couldn’t choose just one!)

south carolina wedding_0274.jpg
south carolina wedding_0286.jpg

Best Stolen Moment

south carolina wedding_0276.jpg

Best Chandelier Shot

south carolina wedding_0298.jpg

Best Lace Detail

south carolina wedding_0303.jpg

Best Nuzzle

south carolina wedding_0293.jpg

Best Champagne Toast

south carolina wedding_0288.jpg

Best Car Shot

south carolina wedding_0282.jpg

Best Sweet Smile

south carolina wedding_0302.jpg

Best First Dance Kiss

south carolina wedding_0292.jpg

Best Shoes

south carolina wedding_0285.jpg

Best Veil Swoop

south carolina wedding_0275.jpg

Best Bridal Portrait Location

south carolina wedding_0284.jpg

Best ‘I Cherish You’ Kiss

south carolina wedding_0311.jpg

Best Stationary Suite

south carolina wedding_0277.jpg

Best Getting Dressed Shot

south carolina wedding_0307.jpg

Best Action Shot

south carolina wedding_0289.jpg

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